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Combining the power of franchising with the security of property investment is the philosophy on which Platinum Property Partners was founded. Their robust business model helped their original Franchise Partners survive the 2008 financial crisis, and will do so again during the tempestuous times that lay ahead in the wake of COVID-19.
Why choose Platinum over any other franchise?

If you’ve found yourself here, looking at franchising opportunities then it’s clear you want to future-proof your finances. You’ll be looking for income in the short term, but no doubt you’ll want to invest for the future too.

This is where Platinum excels.

When you join Platinum, your income doesn’t end when your franchise term does. It truly is an income for life. Other franchises tend to be a short-term solution to a long-term financial goal.

By joining Platinum, you won’t be buying a job. In fact, most of our established Partners with portfolios of six properties work approximately five or six days per month to return £150,000 annual profit.

That’s certainly a comfortable income. And what’s more, when your franchise term ends you’ll leave Platinum with a portfolio of assets that will continue to provide that same income, as well as being able to enjoy the capital growth your properties will have experienced.
The Platinum Way

When you leave Platinum, you don’t lose your income or your assets, so why do so many of our Franchise Partners choose to stay with us after their franchise term ends?

Community and Security.

“We can’t imagine trying to navigate the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic without the help and support of Platinum and the other Franchise Partners. Feeling part of this community is very special to us.” – Alex Glass, longstanding Franchise Partner who extended his franchise term by joining our Alumni Programme.