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Highly rewarding, highly profitable children’s franchise opportunity

The team at Fun Science have proven this model to work and with a growing network of franchisees now is the time to ‘pop’ on board this exciting and rewarding business opportunity.

Franchisees operating this opportunity are benefiting from:

– flexibility to work around a family
– an extra income
– a work-life balance to suit them
– a sense of satisfaction
– inspiring children
– working the hours they choose

…If you would like to be benefiting in some of these ways….then Fun Science could be just right for you.


children franchise

“My favorite thing about running Fun Science is the the flexibility, and the buzz I get from every party, assembly and club that I run. It is a rewarding and refreshing career change


5 Key Bits of Information about the Fun Science Franchise

You can work as many days as you like, part time, full time, spare time it’s entirely up to you

This is a low cost franchise, costing less than £10,000

There is no cap on income

Part time franchisees can generate £20,000pa

Operate in a management style, taking on a team and scale up (a franchisee operating with 2 team members can earn over £80,000pa)


If you…

  • Can devote a few hours a week
  • Like the idea of working for yourself, however slightly apprehensive of taking the leap of faith
  • Want to work part time initially, with a goal of building up into a full time role
  • Have passion to do something that makes a real difference

This could be just what you’ve been looking for…

Are you suited to a Fun Science Franchise?

Are you;

  • friendly and chatty
  • passionate about making a change
  • driven to succeed
  • passionate about inspiring children

If this sounds like you then great! Get in touch as you stand every chance of making Fun Science a success in your area.

Fun Science was started in October 2011 and the first franchise launched in North Yorkshire in September 2014. Fun Science now has several branches across England, Scotland, America and Switzerland. Will you be our next successful branch?

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