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Send Me a Trainer

“Probably the best online opportunity on the availalbe right now”

Manage the business online, from home and offer a service that has spiked in demand during recent times.

If you’re savvy and like the idea of earning a six-figure income whilst helping your local community and the UK economy – you might just be perfect for…

What it is:

Everything you need to become a hugely successful and highly profitable operating your own business within the On-Demand Service industry.

Manage the business online from home – all you need is a phone and laptop connected to the internet.

Operating a management business, you DON’T NEED to be a personal trainer or fitness instructor; what you DO NEED is the drive and determination to build a highly successful business.

Having seen tremendous results over the last 10 years in the USA market and now having a network of franchisees operating successfully, now arrived to replicate success within the UK market place.

Receive full training and access to cutting-edge technology, strategies and proven methods to grow your business.

You don’t need experience – just follow a proven process that has been perfected over the past 10 years and be shown how to generate clients through proven marketing methods.

Six-Figure Earning Potential

All franchisees have opportunity to be generating a six-figure income by the end of their first year (although some prefer to work around another job or part time and therefore choose to earn a little less instead).

From experience on what to charge, an average client could generate £240 per month;

Then just do the maths:

35 clients x £240 = £8,400/month
Which equals £100,800 per year

Equipped with everything you need to bring on at least 5 clients per month means that if you put the work in and follow the process, by the end of year one you should be generating over £100,000/year.

10 Reasons Why This Is A Perfect Opportunity:

1. You can manage it from home and fit it around your current lifestyle

2. It has a low set up cost

3. An innovative in-home fitness service with great market potential

4. An easy to access the delivery system through a cutting-edge mobile app

5. Limited stock required

6. High-income potential

7. No lease or premises needed

8. In-person service

9. A business that will make you stand out

10. A straightforward and simple way of operating

Why Choose Send Me A Trainer:

If you wish to get away from tedious working routine and take a step in developing your own exciting and highly-rewarding business, Send Me a Trainer could be your chance

– We offer on-demand technology within the in-home fitness training making this business is perfectly suited to the COVID19 environment

– We deliver our service through a bespoke very user-friendly mobile app with integrated operating systems, so you can easily manage your business online and from the comfort of your own home. You could even earn whilst you sleep!

Send Me a Trainer Franchise is a low-risk opportunity due to its proven business model with an established international structure and innovative service that is redefining the fitness franchise sector. It operates in a growing market and has huge income potential.

UK Launch

**Only have 10 franchises available at launch**

WHO joins is vital in order to replicate the success seen in the USA market

Not looking for just for anybody; but for the right people, who are…

– energetic and enthusiastic about their work
– active and friendly
– well-organised and pay attention to the details
– flexible and can think on their feet
– responsible and stand behind their promises
– ambitious and success-driven


Look no further if you wish to start your own home-based business with excellent earning potential and innovative model that redefines the fitness industry!

For the right person who’s switched-on, ambitious, driven and looking for an opportunity that is immensely fulfilling… there’s no better business opportunity out there than Send Me A Trainer

Having already proven great success in USA and franchisees benefiting right now (and earning exceptional money themselves!) will you join be one of the first in the UK to join?!

ENTER YOUR DETAILS IN THE FORM BELOW to learn more about this exclusive franchise opportunity to run your own home-based business with growing popularity and significant earning potential.