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Franchise News

Franchises For Sale In Brighton and Hove

Franchises For Sale In Brighton and Hove

Although many locals still consider Brighton and Hove to be two separate towns, the towns of Brighton and Hove formed a unitary authority in 1997 and in 2001 and Queen Elizabeth granted them city status. Brighton Pier was opened in 1899 and Brighton is an English shoreline resort town about thirty minutes south of London by train, popular as a day trip destination. Brighton is the third biggest city in the south after London and Bristol, with a population of less than 300,000 people, with a fifty-fifty split of male female and an average age in the mid-thirties.

Having said this, according to statistics from the NatWest Franchise report published in January 2016, during the past two years one in five new franchisee businesses was started by young entrepreneurs under the age of thirty years old. Another very interesting statistic from that report tells us that 97 per cent of franchise businesses made a profit.

There are a number and variety of franchises for sale in Brighton and Hove. There are accountancy and financial franchises in Brighton and Hove. There are b2b business opportunities in Brighton and Hove. Kids franchise opportunities in Brighton and Hove, event and wedding planning franchises in Brighton and Hove and fitness franchises for sale in Brighton and Hove to mention a few.

What type of franchises are available in Brighton and Hove?

So let’s look at the entry level fees of an accountancy franchise or tax franchise for sale in Brighton and Hove for example. There are certainly many options between £5,000 and £40,000 depending on the funds available. Again with b2b franchises in Brighton and Hove and work from home b2b franchises the entry level fees are available between £5,000 and £40,000, and looking at an event planning franchise in Brighton and Hove it is possible to get started with parties for under £10,000.

The best franchises are dependent on the individuals own skills, experience and interests. For example, researching franchises for children in Brighton and Hove or an event planning franchise may not be a person’s background experience but after having children they may decide to go into this area. The franchisor offers training and ongoing support using a business model that can be replicated, so whether it is a kids gym franchise in Brighton and Hove or a wedding planner franchise for sale in Brighton and Hove that you are interested in, the opportunities are there for the taking.

One of the biggest industries to hit the franchise market lately is the 24 hour fitness franchise world. Take a look at fitness franchises in Brighton and Hove and although it is possible to get started with a kids coaching business perhaps, or a personal training franchise in Brighton and Hove for £ 10,000 to £ 15,000, the big gyms names are in the £50,000 to £100,000 plus region.

More and more people are turning towards franchise businesses as a way to invest in their own business. Approved Franchises have made it their number one goal to connect business minded individuals to the highest quality of franchises that suit their requirements. Why not enter your information on the form above, it will take less than a minute, and let Approved Franchises provide their FREE service and expert advice to get your search started for the right business for you.

Considerations When Looking For Franchises For Sale In Glasgow

The population of Glasgow is approximately 600,000 people and it is the biggest city in Scotland. Glasgow reached its peak of over 1 million people in 1939 which resulted in large scale relocation to the surrounding areas of Glasgow in the 1960’s. Glasgow is situated on the River Clyde in the West Central Lowlands of the country and residents are known as Glaswegians. During the Industrial Revolution Glasgow became a centre for chemicals, textiles and marine engineering. As well as manufacturing industries including shipbuilding, engineering, brewing, distilling, printing, chemicals and textiles Glasgow is known for its financial services, software development and substantial growth in the number of call centres in Glasgow.

Part time or full time

For a person looking to invest in their own business and perhaps considering part time franchise opportunities or a part time franchises in Glasgow then professional franchises for sale in Glasgow might be a good place to start searching for a small part time business idea. Not everyone is happy to jump out of their job and into a full time franchise business. There are benefits to starting slowly and growing in confidence as your business grows. There are a huge range of services that can be offered to other businesses in the b2b space with professional franchise opportunities. These could be anything from courier or logistics services, after hours cleaning services franchise, IT support, printing, accounting amongst many other franchises for sale in Glasgow.

Franchise resales

Another great option is to invest in franchise resales opportunities. Research franchise resales in Glasgow to see which franchises for resale are available in your local community. Franchising is a secure way to dip our toes into the business world, and franchise resales have the added benefit of having an existing presence and customer base in the area. There is an opportunity to service the community with a business franchise magazine. These generally advertise upcoming events and local businesses. More often than not local business is going to pay the advertising fees as they will be featured in the franchise magazine perhaps being offered out to hotel guests or in other venues. Why not research magazine franchises in Glasgow to find out more.

There could not be a better service to offer to the local community and that would be with pest control franchises. Research pest business for sale or pest control franchises for sale in Glasgow to get started from around £20,000. Many of us are squeamish about the creepy crawlies but literally terrified of the bigger pests, so a pest control business in Glasgow could be very lucrative indeed. The franchisor offers full training and ongoing support, and franchise agreements are sold by territory so nobody is stepping on anyone else’s toes, or bugs for that matter!

If you are interested in franchises for sale in Glasgow or franchises for resale in Glasgow and would like to save some time and money on your search then take a moment to enter your search criteria on the form above. It will take less than a minute and you can access the free service offered by Approved Franchises. They will provide expert advice, franchise guides to assist with due diligence and a tailored quote to suit you requirements.

Franchises For Sale In Durham

Durham Regatta has been held on the River Wear in Durham since 1834. It is referred to as ‘The Henley of the North’ and is the second oldest regatta in Britain. It is now a two day event in Durham. Along with other regattas and amateur rowing there is a thriving public hire of pleasure boating on the River Wear during April to October. With a population of approximately 50,000 people and such a rich history Durham is a beautiful place to live and one of the finest cities to visit in England.

Which franchise is for you?

For a business minded individual looking to invest in their own franchise business then there is a huge variety of franchises for sale in Durham to satisfy anybody. Take for example vending machine franchises for sale in Durham. With the enormous amount of university, college and school students looking for a quick healthy snack; find a vending franchise for sale in Durham and you choose what to put it in it. Of course it will take some sales skills to get your franchise vending machines located but once they are in position it is simply a matter of re-stocking and collected the cash. Often the search criteria can be top franchises for women in Durham or stay at home parents in franchising. As it happens vending franchise opportunities could be one of the best franchise opportunities for women in Durham. With a low level investment fee and the opportunity to deliver snack boxes which support charities, there is no need to have the stress of a machine fault.

If a person is researching cleaning franchises in Durham, again, there are a number of options. There is the opportunity to have a cleaning business franchise in Durham servicing the local community. Of course with a cleaning business franchise, if a customer is searching for a reputable, reliable cleaner, a franchise business is going to come high up on a search engine due to its prominent name and reputation. Alternatively look for a cleaning services franchise for sale in Durham and cater to the business community with corporate or commercial cleaning contracts. Recruit and hire staff and allocate jobs accordingly rather than doing the actual cleaning yourself. Become a franchise recruitment manager. Search for recruitment franchises in Durham and use your background to recruit and hire staff for any industry from care workers to drivers and logistics companies. Find a recruitment agency franchise for sale in Durham that suits your background experience.

Other considerations

There are health and beauty franchises in Durham which come in a number of packages and price brackets. Would you work in the salon yourself or would you be bringing in a team of qualified staff? Would you be looking for a mobile business as opposed to leasing premises? All these things need to be considered, as the minimum investment level fee for franchise beauty will alter significantly. Whether you are searching for beauty franchises for sale in Durham or any other franchises for sale in Durham, why not enter your details on the form above to save yourself some time and money. It will take less than a minute and Approved Franchises will provide expert advice and a no obligation tailored quote as part of their free service.

Demographic Considerations For Home Service Franchises

Home service business opportunities or a home services franchise are a growth industry in the UK due to the demographics in certain areas. Older people or a higher percentage of older people own their own homes as compared to the younger generation who find it harder to get onto the property ladder. Older people require assistance with roof cleaning, window cleaning, cleaning the gutters and this is where service franchise opportunities are booming. Gardening and general maintenance around larger properties where 70-80 year old who are very healthy not ready to yet move into nursing homes, not wanting to lose their independence require a consistent stream of jobs and services as their homes get older and the maintenance for those homes is required. A home service franchise is indispensable. Have you considered home service franchises in Carlisle or home service franchises in Derby?

All jobs small and big

Just the simple task of trimming hedges managing trees and shrubs, and cleaning the leaves from the garden in the autumn may become too much for elderly home owners providing great opportunity for a home services franchise to grow a reputable business in a specific territory where the demographics tend to be similar. A home service franchise is perfectly placed to help older couples with grown up children who are too busy with their own lives to provide assistance. These home owners can afford to pay for the services required to maintain their homes.

Service franchise opportunities or home service business opportunities as they are known cover everything from carpets plumbing, electrical and decorating services. Painting and decorating both inside and out and general maintenance throughout the whole property including drainage, maintenance and fencing are all opportunities for the local franchise from home business owner. Many old buildings are constructed pre 1950’s and many pre 1920 so there will always be structural issues, damp problems and opportunities to improve the home. Adding central heating double glazing and conservatories to name a few could easily be covered by a home services franchise.

Trade skills

The home service franchise offers an excellent business opportunity for the tradesman or handy man with skills around the home to service the local area. The home services franchise can be anything from cleaning quilts and curtains to redesigning kitchens and bathrooms through to redeveloping parts of the property and renovation. Many service franchise opportunities fall below the 25k entry level fee allowing many people to look at this area of the market as a viable franchise from home business opportunity. They do not need a massive amount of capital and a lot of the profit is made from delivering their service rather than other costs such as buying stock which would be required with a retail franchise for example.

A plumber will have a set of tools but all parts will be paid for by the customer for completing the job. These items will be charged with an added service fee or mark up. Most of the core costs of the business will be time based. The cost of these home service business opportunities can often be easily accessible to many with the skills and existing background in their chosen industry. To compare pre-approved UK franchise companies use the free service from Approved Franchises. Simply enter your details on the form above and start your no obligation search now for the franchise from home business that best suits what you are looking for.

Which Type Of Franchises for sale in Derby Suit Your Requirements

With a population of over a quarter of a million people there is a never ending supply of ideas and opportunities for franchises for sale in Derby. There are a number of beautiful wedding venues in Derbyshire from fine architecture of medieval, Tudor and Georgian buildings, Victorian buildings to country homes with acres of grounds in beautiful woodland or countryside settings, old market towns or waterside venues. For a person with a love of anything bridal then a wedding franchise or wedding planner franchise in Derby could be a dream come true business and lifestyle. Take a look at event and wedding planning franchises in Derby and find the franchise that fits what you are searching for.

Home based opportunities

If this is not your scene and you are considering options for home based franchises in Derby, it is possible to find an internet home based business that suits almost any background experience from real estate franchises, travel agency franchises to education home based franchises for sale in Derby. There are tutoring and education business opportunities that concentrate on delivering online content only. Not everyone enjoys the commute to and from work and the hustle bustle of the city, so you are not alone in your search for internet home based business opportunities and work from home franchises for sale in Derby.

Other business opportunities from home could include eco friendly franchises or green franchises in Derby. Sales and marketing, taking bookings and invoicing could all be done from a home office. Green franchises could be a cleaning franchise using environmentally friendly products or a van based business delivering eco friendly services. Research green franchise opportunities for sale in Derby and encourage your local community to become more environmentally friendly. Whichever style of franchise you choose, work from home franchises or leasing a premises, the franchisor will have a tried and tested business model to replicate and ongoing support to make your franchise business a success.

On the high street

Franchising contributes £15 billion to the UK economy and one in five new franchise businesses have been launched by people under thirty in the past two years according to the NatWest Franchise survey published in 2016. For someone looking for business opportunities with a store front, in prime locations on the high street or in a shopping centre then coffee franchises for sale in Derby might be the avenue to investigate. A coffee shop franchise for sale in Derby is going to require a higher investment level than for example a coffee machine franchise, which could be located in a hotel foyer or other existing business premises.

More entrepreneurs are turning to franchising as a way to invest in themselves and their own business. At Approved Franchises they have made it their number one goal to connect you with the highest quality of franchise companies that best suit your requirements. It will take less than a minute to enter your details on the page above and receive expert advice and no obligation tailored quotes using the free service from Approved Franchises.

What To Consider With Mortgage Franchises

There are a number of nationally recognised mortgage franchise for sale on the market these days, these are also businesses or a franchise that are a loan broker franchise or even a real estate franchise with the added ability to add the loan business on to clients, so you can market advertise and also help to fund the purchase of the property you are offering.

Products offered

A broker franchise or a mortgage franchise often puts a set of contracts and certain loan products together in one simple package that a new business owner can use to offer to new loan applicants, covering the two most popular areas, which are straight out home purchases, like a first home buyer or a buy to let investor, or often the massive re-mortgaging business where families use the equity they have created from their home ownership and draw upon that profit by re-mortgaging the home for a variety of reasons, including, upgrading into a larger home as families grow, paying for education or better schooling for their children, or often using the money to start an investment portfolio to start a business.

Many of these businesses are packaged up and offered out across the country as a new mortgage franchise for sale, offering the systems and access to lending products that can and will attract new applicants who are looking to buy a home or restructure the way they are currently running their loan facility.

If you own a loan broker franchise you will be offering a second or new mortgage to people who may have been forced due to circumstance to take a higher or less flexible loan product and the broker franchise, rewrites the loan business creating a better deal for the new applicant as they move away from the initial lending institution who may have been their only option to accessing funds and getting on the property ladder.


It is estimated that over the last 20 years more people now refinance their homes than the number of new loans for first time home owners. That means that over the years a home may be refinanced three or four times, which creates the opportunity to guarantee ongoing business from a territory as each property could be rewritten for credit from the loan supplier many times. This makes the area and the number of homes a mortgage franchise has under its territory far greater than the actual number of houses in that area. Have you considered in mortgage franchises Newcastle Upon Tyne or mortgage franchises in Oxford?

If you are thinking about looking for a mortgage franchise for sale or looking to establish a new loan broker franchise in an area, looking at the refinance market is the key to seeing the value of the opportunity, if your broker franchise can rewrite business on many properties and you can establish a faithful data base of customers who have bought from you before then the future income derived from that mortgage franchise could be far greater than you have initially estimated.

To see what broker franchise, mortgage franchise opportunities or other suitable business opportunities are available in your area why not request a free information pack from Approved Franchises. Enter your details on the form above and they will send you information on the best opportunities that they have researched for people looking right now just like you.

Franchises for sale in Chichester To Suit Many Skill Sets

The cathedral city of Chichester has robust tourist industry and marina related industries. The Butter Market in North Street was opened in 1808 as a food and produce market and in 1900 a second story was added. The Corn Exchange in East Street was built in 1833 and was one of the first in country. The imposing building has since been used for drama and entertainment, a cinema, a restaurant, fast food and clothing retailers. Chichester is also home to the South Downs Planetarium and Science Centre which opened in 2001. According to the census 2011 Chichester District has a population of over 113,000 people. During this time Chichester District had the highest percentage of self-employed residents in West Sussex, which exceeds the regional and national averages.

Property related franchises

For an individual considering investing in mortgage franchises in Chichester or a mortgage broker franchise, these are very popular businesses based on the growing demand for access to mortgage products in the UK, whether it is for the first time home buyer or the buy to let market. Research mortgage franchise for sale in Chichester and see the minimum investment levels start around £10,000.

People with an interest in photography and photography franchises in Chichester, decide if it is photo studio franchises that fits the bill which would involve leasing premises, or on the road franchise photography in Chichester, perhaps photographing weddings or other events or going into the clients home for portrait style photography which could be started for around £15,000 minimum investment level.

A franchise business is available to the skilled handyman or home renovator with home improvement franchises in Chichester. Research home repair franchises for sale or home service franchise in Chichester to see if there are already existing businesses servicing the local community. Whether it is cleaning, plumbing or driveways there is always a customer looking for a local handyman.

Care franchises

An opportunity is available to those without a medical background but with an interest in investing in home care franchises in Chichester. With an aging population, more and more people are opting to stay in their own home for longer. Research homecare franchises for sale in Chichester and start your own senior care franchise, recruiting and allocating staff from around £25,000.

It is not only the elderly that want to know their home and possessions are safe. Safety and security franchises are becoming more and more popular as homeowners and businesses look towards securing their properties. A safety franchise in Chichester is more than installing CCTV, there are also venue and event security contracts and fire safety training for staff amongst other safety and security franchises in Chichester.

Whichever industry a new franchisee is researching, whether it is homes services franchises for sale, senior care franchises for sale in Chichester, photography franchises for sale, mortgage franchises or any other franchises for sale in Chichester, then use the FREE service from Approved Franchises to receive expert advice and tailored quotes to best suit what you are looking for. Enter your details on the form above and find the franchise that achieves all the motivations you have for starting your own business with Approved Franchises.

Which Are The Best Franchises for sale in Dundee

The cargo port based in the city of Dundee is by far the greatest economic generator. Certainly with the billion pound redevelopment of the waterfront the city is set for the big time. With all the transport links from roads, bus, rail and commercial flights Dundee has everything a city needs to be a great tourist hub and a great place to live and work. The nearest international airport is Edinburgh and the nearest international port is Aberdeen. The freightliner terminal in Dundee was closed in the 1980’s. The other thing Dundee has in abundance is historical landmarks such as the 15th century St Marys Tower, sporting events, art and culture and cafes and bars to suit every appetite.

Enjoy driving?

For a person who is interested in starting their own business, certainly researching franchises for sale in Dundee would be the best place to start. For example van franchises for sale in Dundee can be any number of businesses, delivering goods with a van delivery franchise or providing services. A van based franchise for sale in Dundee could relate to car breakdown including tyres or windscreens. A plumbing van based franchise or a courier service or pet food delivery service. Or consider gardening franchises for sale in Dundee. Often the franchisor is able to offer in-house financing or assistance with third party financing for the cost of the van, whether it is a mowing franchise for sale in Dundee or any other van based business. It is possible to start a garden maintenance franchise for minimum investment level of around £10,000.

If a person is interested in event and wedding planning franchises or photography franchises in Dundee there are certainly beautiful venues to be booked for the special day or special event. Research franchise photography for sale in Dundee for the opportunity to go into clients homes for portrait sittings. Or look at photo studio franchises for sale in Dundee if you prefer to have your own premises in a prominent location. The franchisor will be on hand for any help you need and ongoing support and assistance for the life of the franchise agreement, whether it is photography franchises or printing franchise opportunities for sale in Dundee. Print and sign franchises have a few options too. Consider the real estate boards we see all over town. Or consider a digital printing franchise for sale in Dundee servicing other businesses in Dundee with business cards, flyers, brochures etc. of course there are 3d printing franchises for sale in Dundee too.

Prefer to be home based

If you are tired of the daily commute and working for someone else and your desire is to work from home then maybe education franchise opportunities in Dundee might be just what you are looking for. Research computer education franchise or educational franchises for sale in Dundee and you could be up and running using a tried and tested business model in no time. Enter your details on the form above to use the free service from Approved Franchises. Here you will find a pre-approved range of franchise companies who put the success of their franchisees at the forefront of their thinking. They offer full training and support to new franchisees, franchisees achieving the projected level of income and ongoing assistance to help you achieve your goals.

Looking for franchises in Coventry

Looking for franchises in Coventry

Coventry has three cathedrals. St Michaels Cathedral is Coventry’s best known landmark and visitor attraction. Coventry has two universities, Coventry University and University of Warwick. Coventry University is one of only a handful of universities to offer a degree course in automotive design, hardly surprising considering Coventry’s history with Britain’s car industry. There is a wide variety of arts and culture, literature, drama, theatres and arenas, music and cinema to keep Coventry’s population of over 300,000 people entertained.

Of course all of this has to be paid for and if you are a uni student looking for extra income or an entrepreneur looking to start your own business then consider investing in an education franchise business for sale in Coventry. There are opportunities to invest in a franchise education business that focus on delivering content online, and as with all franchises for sale in Coventry, the franchisor teaches you everything you need to know to make your business a success. Perhaps you are looking for a cleaning franchise for sale in Coventry where you manage a team of cleaning staff. You would be responsible for sourcing corporate contracts and allocate the jobs, rather than go out and do the actual cleaning yourself. Research cleaning business franchise or cleaning services franchise for sale in Coventry to see what is available for under £10,000. Instead of focusing on commercial cleaning contracts, how about investing in a franchise carpet cleaning business in Coventry focusing on private home cleaning?

Another franchise business to consider is gardening franchises for sale for sale in Coventry. Keep in mind there are opportunities for contracts to supply and maintain live plants to office buildings as more and more businesses are providing a cleaner, fresh environment for their staff. Research garden maintenance franchise for sale or mowing franchise for sale in Coventry and you could get started for a little over £10,000. At the other end of the scale food franchise opportunities for sale in Coventry are a very lucrative business, however the entry level fee is rather higher to get involved in the booming franchise food industry. The food and beverage industry is turning over £80billion annually so consider your budget and see if the best food franchises for sale in Coventry or coffee shops for sale are within your budget.

Approved Franchises

If your background is health products, beautician, hair stylist or nail technician then research health and beauty franchises for sale in Coventry to see what is available in your price bracket. Would you work in the franchise beauty salon yourself or take on a management role and look towards hiring a team of qualified staff? Are you interested in health and nutrition, weight loss or barbers? Focus your research on health and beauty franchises for sale in Coventry and it may be possible to get started for around £25,000.Whether you are searching for a computer education franchise for sale in Coventry or any other franchise business, take a moment to enter your search criteria on the form above to receive obligation free tailored quotes that best suit your requirements. Use the FREE service from Approved Franchises to compare a range of pre-approved UK based franchise companies who put their franchisees success at the forefront of their thinking.